Sunshine Center Partners

Churches, schools, and other significant learning organizations should be a warm, welcoming, and safe space for everyone who is looking for a nurturing and inviting community.

Unfortunately, barriers exist that hinder families from making genuine connections in these places. This challenge is probably most felt by parents who have children with autism and other learning disabilities.

After many years of successful implementation, The Sunshine Center seeks to expand its reach throughout northwest Indiana and the Midwest to equip local churches, educational institutions, and non- profits who desire to serve families of those with learning disabilities.

A Sunshine Center Partner is an entity that beliefs in the vision and mission of the Sunshine Center and has agreed to support the Sunshine Center efforts on a continual basis.
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CUE Streaming

Cue Streaming is a premiere internet based television, movie, and tv show service. They have partnered with the Sunshine Center to give back 10% of the monthly subscription cost back to the Sunshine Center. Subscribers who wish for 10% of their monthly service subscription price to go back to the Sunshine Center should use the link below.  Check out their service!