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Our Vision and Mission

Proverbs 29:18

Our Vision:
Heartland Christian Centers exists to touch the heart of God, heal the heart of man, and reach the heart of the world.

Our Mission:
Heartland Christian Center accomplishes the vision by being a high impact community of believers that leads people who feel distant from God into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in a real, relevant, and relational way.

The Week's Message

Talk Is Cheap!
The sermon emphasizes the transformative power of compassion based on Deuteronomy 15:11 and Luke 5:17-20. Compassion is defined as deep empathy and a desire to alleviate the suffering of others. Three vital actions are outlined to cultivate compassion: being attentive to notice those in need, being flexible to shift from conventional approaches, and embracing interruptions that enable us to show compassion. The narrative in Luke 5:17-20 is dissected, focusing on the distinct reactions of the critics, the obstructive crowd, and the compassionate individuals who took extraordinary steps to bring a paralyzed man to Jesus for healing. The message underscores the necessity of action and empathy, urging listeners to actively extend compassion beyond barriers and societal norms.

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At Heartland Christian Center, we believe that a strong and vibrant community is at the heart of our faith journey. We invite you to explore our 'Get Connected' section, your gateway to deeper connections, meaningful relationships, and opportunities for growth.

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